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Nicole Franklin is a fictional character from the Australian Channel Seven soap opera Home and Away, played by Tessa James. She debuted on-screen during.
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What's the point of an impeccable pedigree lifestyle if you can't flaunt it? Father of boy, two, who fell down a ft well in Spain says he is clinging to hope an angel is watching Cambridge PhD student, 25, fell to his death while being chased in mass game of tag called 'Hare and Hounds' However, Brax sided with Phoebe, claiming the recording contract was a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" and she would be foolish to turn it down.

Neive later arranged an industry launch night in the city for Phoebe. She was then introduced to the media-inclined industry, fought for what she believed in, but was ultimately pulled into the machine. In early , Phoebe became the centre of a dark storyline involving a stalker. Giovinazzo commented that Ryan seemed "quite strange", while TV Week 's Stephen Downie noted that he was after more than Phoebe's autograph.

Phoebe tried to act calm and gave Ryan some CDs in a bid to get him to leave.

However, Ryan persisted and told Phoebe that he wanted to take her to his house so she could focus on her music. After Ryan refused to leave, Phoebe screamed for help, attracting the attention of her neighbour John Palmer Shane Withington , who chased Ryan away. Phoebe was relieved when Kyle returned home and she decided to keep the incident with Ryan a secret, but she was soon forced to tell Kyle what had happened.

When she entered the room, Ryan came up behind her and placed a cloth soaked in chloroform over her mouth, before kidnapping her. He forced her to change into a white dress and take off her make-up. When Kyle told Phoebe he wanted them to get back together, she rejected him, as she believed he was still grieving for his brother.

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When Ash saw Phoebe coming out of the shower block, he tried to take her towel, but ended up pulling her to the ground with him. A "disappointed" Ash then questioned Phoebe about her change of heart. Phoebe broke up with Kyle again after admitting she had feelings for Ash.

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When Phoebe and Ash teamed up to try to find a grieving Ricky, they grew closer and almost kissed. Denny tried to help Kyle by taking him out dancing, but the following day he decided to temporarily leave town. She initially assumed it belonged to house mate Hannah Wilson Cassie Howarth , but Phoebe eventually admitted that it was hers. Giovinazzo was pleased to receive the storyline, and she told Kerry Harvey of Stuff.

It was a new aspect of the character and of myself to discover so I was really excited. Giovinazzo thought Ash would make a good father, but Phoebe did not know if he wanted children, while Kyle wanted to be a father, but it would put everyone in an awkward position if he was. Both Kyle and Ash were already at the hospital, recovering from surgery, as Ash gave a kidney to Kyle. When they all began to argue, a stressed out Phoebe suddenly collapsed in pain. It just has to play out. They have to deal with the fallout, whatever it might be. Phoebe and Ash later reunited, while Kyle and Ash decided to set "aside their differences" and support Phoebe.

During an ultrasound, Phoebe learns that she had been pregnant with twins, but one had died. Phoebe is advised to have an abortion, and Giovinazzo said that it was "a hard decision for her to make". She has grown a lot as a character and started to consider things that are very new to her. When he wakes with no recollection of the night before and a strange woman in his flat, he admits to Billie that he thinks he cheated on Phoebe. In a March interview with Colin Vickery of news. She also described it as "maybe a more mature love.

He continued, "Phoebe keeps doing things that make him know she digs him. He demands that Phoebe and Justin look through several boxes for a book detailing the syndicate's activities. Stewart commented, "she desperately wants to help Justin and Justin doesn't want to lose her. After Phoebe is carjacked by Simmo James O'Connell , she becomes depressed, so Justin decides to cheer her up by singing to her at Salt.

Giovinazzo commented, "Phoebe can't deny that she has strong and deep feelings for Justin. They're just drawn to each other. Phoebe initially rejects the proposal, as she feels she is not "a marriage kind of gal". But after talking things through with Justin, she accepts. Donna offers Phoebe a job as her opening act. Justin decides to go with her, but his daughter Ava Gilbert Grace Thomas arrives in the Bay unexpectedly. I love what I'm doing now, but Phoebe left town — she didn't die — so there's always a chance [of coming back]. She later meets Romeo and becomes attracted to him but Indi is disappointed when he says he is not interested in romance at the moment.

Indi is annoyed when Dexter reveals to Romeo the dreams she has been having about him therefore revealing her feelings for him. She is later angry with Dexter as Romeo begins to avoid her as he is not ready for a relationship, following his split with Annie. Indi becomes disheartened when Sid starts to go back to his philandering ways, but he tells Indi and Dexter that they are the most important people in his life. Indi and Romeo start to realise their feelings for each other after spending time together, but Romeo admits he is hesitant to start a relationship.

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They eventually kiss and start dating. Indi gets a job at Angelo Rosetta 's Luke Jacobz restaurant. Charlie sees this and tells Angelo, who sacks Indi. Irene then offers Indi a job at the Pier Diner and she accepts. Indi begins to feel like she loves Romeo and when Romeo asks her about it, she confesses that she may love him a little bit. He cannot say it back because of his feelings about Annie, so he breaks up with Indi, which leaves her devastated. Romeo realises he made a mistake and gets back with Indi by telling her that he may love her a little bit too. Romeo decides he is ready to lose his virginity to her and they go upstairs, but a few minutes later Indi runs out crying without explaining to Romeo why.

He tries to ring her, but she does not answer. She later talks to Sid and Nicole and she tells Romeo that they need to take things slowly. Romeo encourages her to email her mother. Indi steals a letter from Annie to Romeo and he is angry when he finds out. Indi believes that Romeo is still in love with Annie, but Romeo states that she is the only one for him.

Indi apologises for her behaviour. Indi worries about failing her HSC. Romeo deliberately fails his because he loves her and wants to be with her. However, Indi passes her HSC and she begins a business studies course at university. Romeo starts to question his relationship with Indi and he believes she is going to break up with him.


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Indi leaves Romeo some cryptic clues for a special night she has planned for him, but he fails to turn up. Ruby later tells Indi that she and Romeo had sex. Romeo tries to apologise, but Indi insists they are over. Indi meets Kieran Monroe Andrew Hazzard at a party.

Romeo warns Indi not to go out with him, but she refuses to listen. When Kieran turns nasty one night, Indi calls Romeo to rescue her. Romeo professes his feelings for Indi and they get back together. Nicole leaves Summer Bay, leaving Indi upset. Romeo proposes and she accepts. They decide to get married straight away. Sid arrives and interrupts the wedding, but he gives Romeo and Indi his blessing and they marry.